Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For the love of Breaky!

Been awhile since we had a big breakfast truth is the oldest 3 kids have been making breakfast basically every morning. And it seems to be a much coveted job. (They do it in pairs). This morning I decieded I started making breakfast & enjoyed it thoroughly. After all there's something to celebrate.

The harvesting of the first basil & Italian parsely. Glory Be!!

Hey you should try this one. Serve your eggs with tomatoes heavily drenched in EV olive oil, dash of red wine or sherry vinegar, & generous amount of course ground sea salt. Now pair the two together in a bite & you can practically believe the egg is a soft mozzarella. Don't forget to soak up your tomato sauce with some hot toast. Go on & try it.

Hope you enjoy your cool mornings now before summer comes & steals it away.


Lil said...

wow your kids really are spoiled rotten tomatoes! :) I can't even make myself a cup of tea for lunch muchless this yummy looking breakfast! BREAKFAST! Whenever you drizzle ev olive oil anywhere it turns to some gourmet business.

Babylove said...

Rotten tomatoes. I love it!! Tx Lils. You're right about the EV olive oil!

Mark said...

that sounds too good Al.