Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Benny was a Pup!

In loving memory of Benny/Bean/Mr. Fern/Friendly Fern/Stinky Bean

Benny was a pup
And a little pup was he
With fuzzy yellow furries
As cute as he could be

He lived down the road
In a house not far away
And when we'd go to see him this is what he'd say

Ruff Ruff (ruff ruff)
It seemed he always knew
The way that I was feeling
His love was always true

And when I was feeling sad
He always made me glad with a ruff (ruff ruff)

He was like my best friend
And after school or play
Benny would be waiting
To sniff me every day

I'd take him in a sanpo
And I'd give him a snack
I'd tell him all my secrets & he would answer back

One day Mr. Fern-guy got sick
And though I tried
To make him feel better
Mr. Benny died

But I see my Mr. Benny
When I go to bed & pray
He's playing up in Heaven
I'll be with him there some day

We love you Benny....we're glad you're happy now.


Kari said...

Awww... so sweet. How are the kids taking it?

Lil said...

aww so sad! Hope the kids are doing ok about it. Our family doggy died a couple days ago, my parents took it the hardest!

Babylove said...

The kids are pretty sweet about it, they knew he had been suffering for sometime now. So they understood that he'd be so much happier now.

Nina said...

Yup, he's gone back to being a pup, thank God! Glad to know the kids r OK about it; this was a sweet post.

The.Walrus said...

I'm sad to hear Benny has passed on, but happy at the same time. I know he's been hurting for awhile.

Happy times for Mr.Benny again.

Kari said...

One of the things I like about having pets when you have kids is that they learn about how to deal with death, as well as all the joys and responsibilities that pets bring.
Hey Lil's, sorry to hear about Pampers, she was a great dog and I'm sure your family will miss her a lot.