Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Preempting your Thanksgiving L.O. problem

Yummola-gamola!! Hope you all are having a good winter day & if you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I'm sure a gratitude attitude will certainly make you feel more toasty than thinking about your ofuro drain hair clogging problem. Grossanization!

So, as I've said before I never really "did" Thanksgiving mainly because it seemed like another feast so close to Christmas -- which inevitably turns out to be the one that gets the biggest turn out. But this year I had the opportunity to wing one in style Simple friendly & kind for the friendly "man friends" of ours who brought forth a 13 lb (6 kg) turkey. And for anyone who's interested (.....or not) Here's what I did for our simple standard Thanksgiving dinner:

- Brined Turkey in apple/brown sugar/clove brine
- Baked the stuffed turkey (not my fav but don't have enough room in the oven for seperate stuffing)
- Cranberry sauce (by a miracle, tx Mark, and ONE'S MALL, for anyone who lives in Chiba)
- Gravy
- Mega cream potatoes (1 c of cream & 1 of butter, ewww but delish)
- Salad with nuts galore
- Whiskey caramelized carrots
- cornbread (last minute in the oven while the turkey set for 20 min)
- For desert Big Bill's Carrot cake and blueberry ice-cream (the biggest cheat of the day, mixing mashed frozen blueberries with storebought ice-cream. (I'm lazy --- sue me!)

Now as for left overs. I of course made a good gallon or so of turkey stock. And if you don't make even the simplest of stock with your left over turkey or chicken you deserve a spanking of spankings & for me to then confiscate your bones....that is to say -- the bones of your bird! MAKE YE STOCK!!

Anyway, I turned 1/2 of that stock into a simple turkey & kidney bean soup for the next night. The other 1/2 is stashed away in my freezer for later.

But I decided to try to make something yummy with the left over mashed potatoes. I don't know about you but I grow pretty fickle of mashed potatoes roughly 1 hr after they're mashed. (I know, I'm cold) So to make it short I found this recipe for Potato Biscuits on All recipes and slapped them together easily for lunch. (even spared 2 rashers of bacon for good measure)

Too lazy to shape them I just spooned them on the tray & baked. They were light, fluffy & crisp on the outside. Should've added some cheese but didn't think to. Next time. I do recommend these if you're stuck on what to do with the L.O. potatoes.

Next you'll think I'm coo-coo but I took what was left off the bone of the turkey giblet & neck bone (what is that called?) and shredded it up.

Then I threw together a fritatta of :

- 6 eggs, whipped with 1/2 c of milk
- 1 cup or so of stuffing & left over cornbread broken up
- a handful or so of cheese.
- sprigs of parsley

Fried up the stuffing & turkey, poured the egg & sprinkled the cheese & parsley along with salt & pepper. Covered & cooked for about 15 min or till pretty firm looking then flipped it over onto a plate. And this is it! Wasn't bad at all. Though the occasional dried cranberry was a little disconcertingly sweet. More on fritattas & Tortas another time. But as it so happens I gotta go to beddy bye! Lemmie know what you made for Thanksgiving!

Contemplating cookies & getting out Bruce the manly mixer for possible cookie giveaways!!


象さん said...

Wow you need to chill out some with all that cooking, has ME jumping for the first restaurant. Tell me do the kids all eat it?

Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Australia, do you get into the history of it? Im finding that interesting at the moment :D I love the politics! Yesterday I was reading about Squanto. Though I still think those Founders divorced themselves from problems, and that they are still popping up now-namely Australia. Tho, having said all that, its not really celebrated here in Japan is it, you guys still do it?

aiko said...

Al! We also had a thanksgiving dinner Txs to Aaron, and with the LO potato mash, I found and used the same recipe. It was great! Txs for the idea.

Lily said...

Al, I really wana make gingerbread cookies this year for Christmas with the icing etc...if you have time to try :p

Have you ever made them!? Are they even Yum!? They look great :D

Babylove said...

Lil's you should come over some evening, I got these crazzzzy cute snowflake cookie cutters & got some baby blue & pink coloring, tiny nozzles & icing sugar, just need some inspiration. If you bring your dough we can have a cookie fest. 1 prob, I don't have molasses but....the cardamom cookies would B great for icing. This is an invite!!

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