Saturday, November 21, 2009

Alas alas......

Hi there friendly friends!

I desperately wish I had something yummy & funky to post but as you can see I'm feeling a little under the weather as far as cooking goes. Now I know I shouldn't be getting all dramatic but I'm just feeling a little bit like Napoleon, looking at the little bit of culinary world that I have conquered & now I'm sitting on my heels drinking cheap box wine weeping bitter tears that there are NO new worlds & alas I must despair and die with my cooking laurel hanging off my left foot.

I dislike people saying I cook well, or that they are intimidated by my cooking. If I cook for you will you watch me doing it the wrong way & not say anything? Will you show me a faster way or yummier way?

There are so many things I don't know how to do I feel like I'm doing a mediocre job of imitating a cook. I made a thanksgiving dinner on the request of some hungry dude friends who supplied the turkey & with all it's good fun at the end of the long day of cooking, I found that it was all too smooth & without incident. There wasn't the least bit of thrill to be had in putting together all the components & as spoiled as it sounds I really did wish that each year's Holiday dinner called for a different theme or country's cuisine.

Am I being a doofus? Probably. I've been listening to podcasts about French cooking basics, which as all good things go, it seems the French set the standard for excelence. Through all the good things I'm learning I'm also getting an itch to try so many things I can't for lack of ingrdiants and kitchen ware.

I foresee the winter foodies coming upon me and all the usual goodies & goodness & the thing that I realized I'm not looking forward to is the fact that everyone wants to be rocked in the gentle arms of nastogia eating their favorites! And I end up making the same thing I've made every year. People don't want something new on their holidays, they want MEMORIES!!

Sigh, Oh that there was a whole goose, duck, pheasant (hint hint!!), or side of ham to stress about & discover.

Anyone have any good ideas for holiday goodness? I know how silly it is to insist I've done it all. Maybe I should solicit recipes and vow to try as many as I can. I'm esp. interested in soups, Christmas drinks, cookies, main meat courses, etc...

More cheerful days ahead. With 6 ltrs of chicken & turkey stock in my freezer, how can I go wrong?

PS. If it gets too cold drop by & we'll hunkerdown on the couch with some good chicken soup or mulled wine! Doors always open a crack!


lil said...

what about those super super japanese cuisines! seasonal japanese as well with tons of different dishes. This lady ASTOUNDS me.
you may already lurk there but man I have never seen so many awesome japanese plates and the detail she takes to explain them is also amazing.

Not that I actually cook or even dabble, I just like reading about food lol.

The.Walrus said...

hint hint... free range duck/pheasant=possibly doable :)

Aich said...

Haha, you're so good. I'm so intimidated!
I promise though, IF I see you doing something wrong I'll tell you.
Al, you crack me up. I'm gonna visit you.

Lily said...

Anything you "experiment" with and need a taster...I'll be there! I don't think there is anything you could go tooooo wrong with. ;D And yes, to be honest you do intimidate me...because your just do great at everything you make...mine is always hit and miss...sometimes home run. lol

The Blowers Daughter said...

Intimidated by your cooking? Me? NEVAR! EVAR!
I shall proudly make in front of you my egg stir fry (a.k.a scrambled eggs) and high class cup ramens ANY day of the week! RAWR! :D
Also, I never want nostalgic cooking on Christmas. Christmas cookings of my past include some pretty durned horrifying lumps of what Fam people call "provisioning" and what the rest of the world call "past-expiration-date-because-no-one-would-buy-it-in-the-first-place" crap."

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you make around this time of year, but a favorite in a part of the world I used to live in is stuffed cabbage and/or peppers at this time of year. Not to everyone's liking, but it grew on me :D