Friday, April 10, 2009

Stepping out with Bento Fare Ideas

I don't have any grand Sakura pics to post but I tell you spring makes me feel like fresh food & good clean dirt for gardening in. Time to get a late start on the herbs.

I get tired of the same old "bento" fare for picnics & like to keep it fresh with salads, breads or cold pastas. My present obesession is to have a Lebanese picnic with the whole deal of flat bread w/ Zaatar, tabbouleh, hummus & labneh etc...

Here are a couple favorites I featured many moons ago. I'm not very tall but I stand by them all:

Cold red pepper soup

Tomato Torta (this is great cold too)

Fresh Tomato & basil pasta

Basil Rice & Balsamic Soy-sauce chicken

Greek Salad. (no link, but baby, if you haven't had feta you haven't lived!!)

Macha o' le
Blood Orange Iced Tea

Tomato Mozzarella Salad (I always bring whole tomatoes & a knife if I want to use them for a picnic)

What'd you have for your sakura picnic? Besides chu-his & happo-shu, I mean.

Gotsta get a move on dinner, have a lovely spring day, friend.


Joans said...

whoah, nice abs!!!

Florence said...

Oh no, Al. Next year I am going out hanami-ing with you. So much good grub!!

Aich said... take hanami to a new level. I'm still mastering the art of the regular boring ol' bento, ha.

Chris Knoke said...

aww.. nasty nice! where does one find vitals like that! I wish you could've been my mom... or better yet, my wife! hehe