Thursday, April 02, 2009

Family time Pics 1#

If you're interested in what our family has been up to last month I shall be posting a series of posts doing just that. Of course....foodie pics will always be involved for what is a foodie blog without food? Forgive me if they are not chronological or are at times totally abstract & non-nonsensical but I'm often blogging with a spatula in one hand & a text book in the other.

I had planned to have a pasta dinner so I made up 2 loaves of Focaccia. The toppings were brown sugar, rosemary, sea salt, freshly grated Parmesan & EV Olive oil. But at the last minute my savior (AKA: imaginative twin sister in law) ordered Indian (You will always be my hero!!!)

So instead we got to have had this for our picnic:

Focaccia Ham & Cheese sandwiches

This may have been the only authentic lovely SPRING day of our whole visit. The rest of them were lovely freezing cold rainy spring days. (Note the "sandwich in the bib look" Erika is sporting)

This is my tree-hugger son. He is most tender indeed!

Sibling time.

Miss 3 years old declared in her own cute little way: "Mom, going on a boat is what I've wanted to do for my WHOOOOOLE life".

Don't we just love Chiba Koen?

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Amy said...

They don't know how lucky they are! Remember how we had to eat powdered eggs! Your sandwich pic is making me salivate!