Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Coconut from the Sky!!

Somehow I’m trying not to think about the Bible story I was reading to the kids about the children of Israel who asked for food & got so much quail & manna that……well…….you all know what happened, BAD things came out of their nostrils, that’s what happened.

So, not that this has anything to do with the fact that I just declared I wouldn’t want to use coconut related products for awhile, when lo & behold, God sends a mighty wind & out of the sky drop a couple of cases of coconut juice. (aka. Coconut water with sugar & young coconut flesh) Not to mention the coconut cake (made of coconut meat/tapioca flour/sugar)

Well, instantly my “survival Sam” instincts kick in & I’m thinking what would I make if I was stranded like Tom Hanks in “Castaway” with nothing but boxes of coconut juice & coconut meat.
I’m sure you’ve already come up with something even more inventive & ingenious than I have & I’d love to hear about it, if you have been blessed with several cases or tons of coconut product. But after mulling it over & about 15 minutes on googleI felt hopeful & I hope to hear of the coconutty things we all come up with. First off are the cocktails of course

1. Rum & Coconut Water (I shall try this ASAP)
2 oz amber rum
4 oz chilled coconut water
Ice (And Volia!!)

2. Coco Copacabana – the Barry Manilow tribute cocktail
3 tablespoons coconut flesh 2 measures pineapple juice2 measures coconut water1 measure brandy
Shake pineapple and brandy in a shaker with ice. Strain over coconut flesh in a Martini glass. Freshen with coconut water. Serve with a very large cocktail umbrella.

3. Thai Me Down (snicker snicker)
2 tablespoons shredded coconut flesh 3 measures COCOFINA coconut water1 measure passionfruit liqueur
Shake passionfruit liqueur and half the coconut water in a shaker with ice. Strain over coconut flesh in a highball glass. Add the rest of the coconut water.

What else could we put coconut water in? After about 300ml of that stuff I was pretty sure I should not pawn it off to the kids for BF/Lunch/Dinner.

So, here are a few things I wanna try or thought would be worth mentioning:
- Adding the coconut juice to curry (in place of water) maybe even the meat
- Making rice with coconut juice instead of water (I know, I know, I WON’T MAKE ERASER DUMPLINGS)
- Oatmeal: Make as usual with half milk/coconut water
- Rice pudding: Same as above
- Banana smoothie: bananas, ½ Frozen coconut juice (meat & all) & ½ milk,
- Coconut cream pie: I’m seriously considering trying this by adding the coconut water & some measure of cream for the custard mixture & of course the coconut meat, probably cut into “non-udon-like” bits
As for the coconut cake, well that’s a bit harder as it’s already processed but I’m guessing it would make a great filler cut into bits for sweet breads/cookies/cakes. It would probably be great in granola or fruit salad. Ooohh, what about pineapple upside-down cake.
Well, that’s it but I’m betting that Jr. with his Thai expertise could get a lot more out of this subject. If you have a good idea lemmie know.

I'll end with a frozen cocktail I made with a certain very special Frenchy in mind. Here's to you darling & I shall call this drink "Ves-Frenchie-chill-pill".

This drink for 2 consisted of (roughly) one banana, one 300 ml. can of frozen coconut juice & meat, 1/4 or 1/3 c rum, 4 or 5 tbsp of coconut liquor, 1/4 c milk & 4-5 tbsp of heavy cream. BLEND & VOILA!!

G-nighty night!


amanda said...

Did you mean Tom Hanks?

That all looks disgustingly yummy by the way. Aich promised to give us some of that coconut juice but I've yet to taste it... grumble grumbl.

babylove said...

hee hee, tx amanda! I changed it....aren't I the doofus!! I don't think Tom Cruise would do very well on an island with coconuts.

Miss you!

Florence said...

Al, it all sounded so good to me at the pool today, but, as fate would have it, I return home only to discover that we had only 5 minutes ago given our last coconut juices to the kids for snack.
No sweet rum coconut stuff for me!! I cry bitter tears.
(The Lord probably knew that the sweet rum coconut wouldn't really work a very good mood on me if I was all alone anyway...)

Dave said...

If anyone wants more of that coconut cake we have a bunch here at the HCS.
If you could take it all I will be very happy.

Anonymous said...

Oh Al you're too sweet to come up with a drink in my name.;-) It's an honor. We don't have a blender here so alas we cannot make your special "Ves-frenchie chill-pill". I'll have to make that some time!

babylove said...

Flo: Maaaan, I feel bad that I was going on about it...who needs rum anyway!

Dave: tx for the advert. I feel like "it is the coconut which binds us". Who doesn't have coconuts is the question.

Ves: Yes, I thought of you. If I had it, I thought of a variation: top it with 1/2 a carton of whipped cream,and it's the "extreme chill pill". Good huh?