Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why do we endure Japanese Summer's again?

Kakigori, (Shhh, Don't tell Josh!)
Cold Mugicha
Late Night Sashimi
Fresh Tofu with lots of Ginger
Belly-full of Suika
Edamame & beeruuuu......burp!
OK now, go forth......put your goggles back on & dive into your Japanese Summer!


Florence said...

I may be very uncultured, but the edamame and beeru excite me most.

Nina said...

Wow. Those were such beautiful pictures (with the exception of the watermelon rinds, that is)! I think I'll just come back here next time the heat gets nigh unbearable & have praise time while looking lovingly at these pix, thanx!

crazynik said...

Argh I miss Japanese food
But I don't miss Japanese summers...heh
Mushi atsui is the worst heat to deal with

Metal Factory said...

WOW! You're a great cook!

babylove said...

Flo-ji: Edamame is very exciting, indeed!

Nina: Really, you didn't like the watermelon one? I thought that one made me the most hungry!

Niki: You're right, there's not really any food that can take away the dreadfullness of "heatwave". I guess that's just my way of doing the "sour grapes" thing.

Mr Metal: I didn't actually cook all these things & take these pics. I'm too lazy & just googled them!

Masa said...

You got me with the last one...

Junior said...

That was an inspiring post, I love Japan!!

Elaina said...

I think the hiyashi-chuuka makes me the most happy. Wait no, maybe the kakigori, or the edamame.
Durnnit, I can't choose.

BTW, I posted something on my blog for you!
Check it.

babylove said...

How come pictures of food I didn't make seem to solicit so many heartfelt reactions?

Mas, I couldn't remember if you loved hiyashichuka or hated it. It's Lani's favorite "LD".

nina said...

Don't take it personally; we all know that u hv the skills to make each one of those dishes just as well as they look in those pix (particularly the watermelon rinds, haha)! The only thing lacking is time, & perhaps the very stylish tableware, else those easily could hv been pix that U took of your food!

And suika is an absolutely refreshing sight -- just not when it's half-eaten or nearly all-eaten. Kinda like maybe how a just-drained beer mug w/ nothing but traces of foam left might look to u. :S

Joan said...

OMG! This was ur best post yet!!! tee hee, those are ALL of my favorite Japanese foods. Ahh, gotta print these photos and put them on my wall!!

Joan said...
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