Monday, July 07, 2008

Coconut Bread Pudding

If bread pudding makes you think of a soupy soggy log of mashed bread, baked to form a new & more alarming loaf of mashed bread, look away! Or, look on & be converted. My bread-pudding-wary-10-year-old has finally been converted after this morning. I think the secret is adding a water bath to the baking tray you put the pudding on. That keeps it from drying out, but you still get a crispy top.

I gotta tell you, the coconut cake was a good touch, I was a little wary of trying it but the taste & consistency of the coconut is even better warm than cold, the pieces near the top got all chewy & candy like, with the addition of a coconut sauce…..sigh…….it was almost enough to forgive Mr. Manly for licking his plate and greedy husband going for thirds.

I thought it would have even withstood some canned pineapples but I wasn’t feeling THAT adventurous.

Anyway, here’s the score:

12 c. old bread, cubed (or leave it out overnight)

2 c milk
2 c coconut juice (minus the meat)
1/3 c butter
4 eggs
½ c brown sugar
½ tsp salt
1 tsp nutmeg
2 blocks of coconut cake (cubed into 1/2 in. bits)

Heat the milk/coconut juice & butter over low heat till the better is melted.
Mix eggs, sugar, salt & nutmeg in large bowl till blended.
Pour bread cubes & coconut cake over eggs & mix (gently, please) till egg goo is incorporated
Add milk/coconut mixture over bread cubes, barely mix & pour into an un-greased 8-12” baking pan. Preheat oven to 180c & set the baking dish in a baking tray filled with water. (add the water to the try after you preheat -- or you’ll never get your oven hot, and before you put the pudding in – or you’ll splash.) bake UNCOVERED for 45-50 min.

Coconut Sauce

½ c butter
1 c brown sugar (owwie-do!)
¼ c coconut liquor

mix butter & brown sugar over medium heat till blended & simmering, add liquor & stir till blended.

How much easier can you get? This is a very simple variation of my even simpler bread pudding, usually with the addition of cinnamon & ½ a c. of raisins & a whisky sauce instead. (the actual recipe that I found only calls for 2-3 tbsp of whisky but I add ¼ c and give everyone a nice warm fuzzy feeling at breakfast.

But nothing makes you feel fuzzier than your 4 year old son surmising, “You know mom, your bread pudding is pretty good, isn’t it?”.

PS. The Whisky sauce is totally righteous on vanilla ice-cream. Ohh-la-la. Use REAL butter and it’s even better!

PPS. If you’re as short on time as me, do the prep the night before & put it in the fridge. It makes for some simple breakfast prep when you throw it in the oven while you’re making your coffee.


nina said...

Ooh, nice! I always liked that Bread Pudding w/ Whiskey Sauce, anyhow, so I can imagine how good it must be w/ coconut in it! Apparently the instructions on the coconut cake say to heat it for a min. or so b4 eating - & you're right, it definitely makes a diff.

And I hv to say, I got a kick out of your comments on the last post: "it is the coconut which binds us," heheh. And, "Who doesn't have coconuts is the question." Well... me in a bikini for one ...LOL

Great to see u guys today; stay well!

babylove said...

hee hee....that's pretty funny Nin! I love you & hope 2 see you when we're all feeling a little better. XX

Florence said...

Hahahahahahaha Nina you're halharious.
Al I've been thinking about taking you up on that dinner offer for so many minutes out of the day that you have become one of my primary distractions. Shucksdarn you. Now I have to fall in love with other things to take my mind away. Love you and all your offspring (and the friendly husband).

babylove said...

Oh, Flo-jo you know I would love to say come over right now, but we're all happily sporting the new look of tissues stuffed up our noses & thermoeters under our arms. But once we're better, make no mistake, it shall be the revenge of the Al's cooking fury.

PS. Under one condition, that is that you think of some great way to ammuse my children with song/dance/mime/poetry reading/drama/or tragedy. OK? nya ha ha!

Junior said...

Alright, I was just doing a little thinking, and I I thought: "gee, these girls are great(Nina, Flo and Alisa), and I realized that you're all Libras that explained it. I love Libras. They're all good fun.

Nina said...

"...happily sporting the new look of tissues stuffed up our noses & thermometers under our arms," oh, dear! I did not know this! I sure hope it wasn't my fault. But good for you for being so... happy & um... stylish about it! Be that as it may, I pray the fad passes quickly (pls. pray my cough will clear up entirely, as well). I love you, too, & send the kids all the hugs I wasn't able to give them the last time I saw them. Please do let us know when you're all feeling better!

Junior, I actually don't know what I'm doing in the Libra zodiac aside from my indecisiveness sometimes. Ali & Flo are the real article as far as humor, & I'm just happy to hv been able to make them laugh, as it's usually the other way around & I'm the one getting all the entertainment out of their comments, etc. Nevertheless, seeing your comment sure did make me glad I'm a Libra! :)