Wednesday, December 30, 2009

To Christmas & Back again.....

Everyone's blogs are viral with pictures of Christmas so I thought I ought to get in the act. My whole family (minus one Krumping brother) came to visit and when I was handed a slew of photos on my hard drive at the end of it all. I had to vow to a) never post another picture taken with my camera & b) get myself a decent camera.

It's a wonder you've looked at any of these photos of food. It's akin to someone making a really really BAAAAD movie trailer and expecting anyone to be interested in watching the movie.

Last night I made 2 turkeys, gravy & stuffing for my friends in Noda....was definitely feeling under the weather & am now wrapped in blankies drinking turkey soup to nurse me back to sanity. (Not likely) are some pics. I'll probably put up a few batches I'm just too fond of the photography & camera. Food pics first, family next!

Stuffing it with......stuff!! Can you see the slab of butter under his skin?
seducing my sisters' taste buds with tomato, micro arugula, EV olive oil, balsamico & flur de sel. They will never be the same!!
The 2nd stage of peppermint meringues.Fruity mess for my Rustic excuse of a gallette!But that buttery crust was a dream, baby!! Aww---ka-POW!!!
molasses spice cookies, peanutbutter cookies, & iced cardamom sugar cookies

That's it for now. Gotta go & be sick now, catch you later!


Lisa said...

Looks so good. I'm coming to yours next Christmas. Though I'll want potatoes of some kind, it is a must with roasts.

Love that gallete thingy, simple lots of fruit, a winner.

In Australia we have a traditional Christmas desert called Pavlova. Which is those meringues served with fresh fruit and whipped cream. It's good.

I hope your getting a well deserved break now.

florecita said...

I have never seen anything as cruel as ONLY 3 BITES of that amazing-looking tomato stuff. There was originally more on the plate, right? Please say yes. It just looks so good...

Nina said...

Ali, thanx for all the work u put into the Christmas dinner & the eggnog nite, & even when u were feeling under the weather! It was all so delicious, I had no idea u weren't feeling well while making it. Sorry!

On a separate note, if u hv any fleur de sel left, u can save some to make that chocolate-covered fleur de sel to go w/ your olive-oil ice-cream this summer! ;)