Sunday, December 06, 2009

Birthday Ban!

Belated & I can't promise (or don't want to) that I'll put up all pictures of birthday cakes (since some had fantastically "sell out" & "doomed for failure" themes like "Star Wars" etc...) but this one was too cute. Hunter's 2nd Birthday cake. A Kiki & Lala themed florescent cake of love!

My ultra-techincially profound way of decorating cake. AKA, slap it on baby!!

Busy mom's favorite cop out, wash charaters & smoosh them into icing.

Equals......Super duper happy little birthday boy!! TADA!!!!


Lisa said...

Thats just too too cute. You can see the anticipation of the sugar rush on his face. No idea who those little people are, but i love them.

The.Walrus said...

That is pure joy on his face there :)

Aich said...

Wow I think that's the happiest I've ever seen him! The cake is really cute.