Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eggnog Latte.....and that's what it's all about.

The best thing about hosting an eggnog/cookie party for all your friends & their kiddos is.......
Eggnog latte in the morning, when all your kids are coming off of their cookie sugar high. This was premium eggnogg folksies. I'm not trying to brag here but seriously the custard was perfect in it's own right with vanilla beans speckling it with it's stamp of approval. I finally got my hands on nutmeg seeds to grate directly onto each portion. And a certain smart guest showed up and plunked down a tumbler on my kitchen counter when he walked in the door. "Merry Christmas, would you mind if I took some home with me?"

Needless to say, Eggnog was spilled, cookies were munched, prezzies were exchanged & it was a great noisy time!

I finally played around with icing sugar & did some of my cardamom sugar cookies with deco. I quickly found that I have the patience of a squirrel on Red Bull and raced through them uncerimoniously. Maybe I'll have the kids do them next year.
Hunter was trying to use the ice-cream scoop to scoop out my last bit of sanity.
Ah....Bruschetta for my husband who did indeed let me take off to Chiba. What a swell fellow he is. But then he's the one who got a plateful of these babies on his desk. I made these of prosciutto, tomatoes, baby arugula, EV olive oil, balsamico vinegar & grey sea salt.

Hope your Christmas cooking is turning out.......and remember when you're in a jam.......BUTTER WILL FIX IT!!

PS. Since I know this is coming, just wanna say, if you call me on Christmas with a foodie question........pretend like you called me to say Merry Christmas first & I'll be happy to help in whatever way I can.


Aich said...

Yes! It was all deeelicious! It was all could do to act like a grown up and not gobble them all up (then I went ahead and spilled eggnog twice). Thank you for hosting the mad fun!

Lisa said...

I just got through making a huge batch of eggnog - very alcoholic. Yum

I've been slathering things in butter, today. Only 3 more things to cook tommorow, and all the prep is done. 2 recipes didn;t turn out which I am very annoyed with. arrgghhh

But on the whole going well. I'm not doing any sweets and I'm wanting to cream butter and sugar sniff.

Anonymous said...


Amy said...

Rawwwwwwu! Ban looks so cute in that pic. BTW christmas Dinner was great Al! Thanks for cooking your heart out!