Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fragrant Giveaway!

So maybe you don't know this about me but I'm a bit trippy when it comes to natural beauty products. I suppose it's the fact that so many wonderful things in the kitchen can be put in your mouth & smeared all over your body. (Hurrah for messy eaters). I'm not a vigilante about natural health products but you have to be daft to not know that there's a load of crap in consumer beauty products.

I used to think my sister was out of her mind when she'd walk around with banana & oatmeal smeared on her face like a freakin' alien but reeeeally, you can't deny the joy in smashing stuff up, grinding it up & the walking around looking like Frankenstien much to the horror of your DH, who you then hold down & force to don the same concoction.

The more you look into it the more you realize that you can start a whole spa in your kitchen. (minus the L.O. pasta).

So in celebration of God's green earth I'm gonna give away 1 of my favorite winter body products. Lavender & TeaTree Salt & Sugar body scrub.

Anyone who gets dry skin in the winter months will love it. It's the easiest thing to make:

cup of sugar or salt (I used both cuz' salt is a bit too coarse for my liking)
enough carrier oil to turn it into a slushy paste, don't overdo it on the oil. (I used grapeseed but you can use whatever you like, probably not EV olive or cooking oil, ewwww)
10 drops or so of your favorite essential oil (or a blend of oils) I used 7 lavender 3 tea tree


SO! If you wanna take a swing at this giveaway, here's the dealio:

1) Leave a comment answering two questions. What homemade natural product do you use or make & what's the weirdest homemade/natural product you've used or know of someone using (no enema stories please, tx)

2) Significant other can comment for you (or for themselves) to up your chances.

3) Come back on Mon morning on the 28th to see one of my kids randomly picked your name.

4) Sorry but I can only ship within the country :( But we'd still love to hear your whacky ideas

That's it folkies! Comments are now open!


lilia said...

hey that scrub sounds real good! I'm very unwhacky when it comes to products, both synthetic and natural.but I do like the pure natural avocado all over hands at an attempt to reinvigorate moisture in alligator skin. good luck to the winner!

Ryan said...

YAAAYY This is the first time I've made it to your comment box in time to participate!!!

I used to wash my face with yogurt. Does that count?

The Blowers Daughter said...

I used to massage olive oil all over my legs because one late night I was watching T.V. and a porn star said that it was her secret to sexy legs.
And sexy legs she did have. LOL!
Needless to say, the slippery sensation all over my sheets and door knobs turned me straight off it.
Maybe one day when I live in the Playboy Mansion I'll take the oil legs again. :P

Me likey your blog BTW. ;)

The Silver Princess said...

*old coffee grains out of the drip machine mix with olive oil..scrub your skin with it in the shower and rince with hot water. (you end up smelling like coffee for a few minutes but the moisturising effect is worth it)

* blend several table spoon of oats with the same of almonds, add some camomile flowers. I like to add ylang ylang and tea tree esential olis, (about twice as much of the ylang ylang as the tea tree).
this makes a fine kinda of crumbly dryish paste. when I use it I take a pea sized amount in my palm and add a few drops of warm water till it's proper pastey. scrub it all around on my face and wait five minutes before rinceing.
it's a moisturising cleanser that makes your face feel so soft and fresh.

I don't know if they have a shop called LUSH in japan...but ahhh it is so good

Elaina said...

Hey Al, remember that time a certain sister of ours tried washing her hair with raw eggs, and used hot water instead of cold to rinse it?
Scrambled eggs in hair!

I use olive oil (or tsubaki oil but that's not weird, just old fashioned) on my hair after I wash it, to avoid the afro effect. The olive smell goes away when it dries, and till then I get to smell like pasta! YUm!

Last time I went to Lush with Mom, I came out with a soap with Sea Ginger and some kind of sand in it. We spent way too long in nose wouldn't let me leave.

Vesna said...

Oh I really want this giveaway!!!
I also used egg in my hair...didn't like it at all! I also tried rinsing my hair(as the final rinse) with vinegar or beer. Once your hair dries the smell goes away. Works really well! I never tried anything unusual to wash my face but I did hear that using the water that you washed your rice with does wonders to your face. Have yet to try.

Aich said...

Oh that scrub looks good!
Ok, I've used oatmeal and eggwhites, honey and cream, aloe, EV olive oil, canola oil (heard it was very good), beer and vinegar in hair (though I'd rather just drink the beer), and used to bathe in an oatmeal and milk bath that my doctor recommended for the dry skin on my legs in the winter.

The weirdest home remedy I've ever heard of is dried crocodile urine used as a contraceptive by the Egyptians. I imagine it worked cuz the smell would keep away all hopeful future fathers. The weird thing is that modern sciene has found that it has properties that can prevent pregnancy, and they're wondering how many tries it took to find that it works.

Nick said...

Oki doki... the first male to post... this should be interesting... I've used toothpaste on my face before, in fact almost every night now, but I guess that doesn't count because it's not natural.. ha. I've used lemon, lavender, almond oil, spruce, oregano, rosewood, peppermint, blue tansy and frankincense.
Um... I won't say THE strangest thing I've seen someone else use for obvious reasons, but I think it would have to be volcanic ash made into a muddy paste.
(Disclaimer: This post was purely to up Vesna's chances of winning!)
(Disclaimer 2: In the above disclaimer I was only half joking :D)

Kari said...

I enjoy using a body scrub that a certain person gave me as a gift some time back. It's divine...
Right now I use pure Vitamin E oil all over for supple skin.

I regularly use pure lanolin as lip balm -it has a particular smell which takes getting used to, (unless you grew up in rural Australia) but it's very useful at keeping cold sores at bay. It's also fantastic for tough, dry skin i.e. heels & elbows.

Aich, they use some pretty weird stuff in the shot to induce labour... I reckon it's right up there with croc urine.

And much like the ancient Egyptians, lead can still be found in lipsticks today.

The Silver Princess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Silver Princess said...

there is also smearing sperm all over your face and keeping it on all night, for people with pimples.
during my teenage years I was desperate enough to try this, however could not handle the smell for a whole night.

in time I realized that drinking a liter of nettle tea a day gave you flawless skin for a much cheaper price. not to mention when your Sperm sorce's are low there is allways a multitude of nettles in your garden

Ryan said...

Sperm on your face?? are you for real??

Mary said...

Am I too late? That's so sweet Nick for you to comment for Vesna (haha). I used to really be into natural beauty products when I was a teen. One thing I discovered, that worked real well was a milk powder/egg white/whisky face mask. You mix proportions of each, slather, and wait till it dries. Stinks like the devil but made your skin soft and smooth.
Can't really think of anything weirder that crocodile urine and semen (GROSS!)..

The Blowers Daughter said...

I'd say that The Silver Princess should win just because of the sheer discomfort that she may have experienced.

But I have heard that sperm tightens your pores and makes your teeth whiter.
I OF COURSE assumed that a male came up with that though.. :D

Amy said...

I missed it! Darn pee.

Ryan said...

Yeah, now guys have a reason to cum on our faces.

kathy said...

hahha EWWW!!!

aich, i'm just wondering about something. after hearing ryan rave about this scrub i desperately want to make my own, but unfortunately don't have any grapeseed oil or anything. would Jojoba work? also, i'm all out of essential oils, except for tea tree. if i use only that will the smell be too strong?

i bow to your creativity!

Babylove said...

Kathy, I'm not sure if you were directing your question to Aich or me?? But anyway, your base oil can be any good quality oil that doesn't have a very pervasive smell of it's own. Lucky you, I don't think I've ever seen jojoba oil here. And any essential oil will do though you might wanna check a little on your skin in case your allergic, (if you have sensitive skin)

I love the smell of tea-tree. Also recently tripping on hinoki (white birch)& grapefruit

kathy said...

sorry!!! for some reason i was under the impression your name was Aich. (totally random) anyway thanks for the intelligent input! xx

Anonymous said...

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