Saturday, September 26, 2009

And the winner is.....

Hey Fantastic Followers! (Arg, that has an odd repressed childhood ring to it)

I'm terribly tickled by your "Giveaway" comments. I'm just having a blasty-blast reading through some of the more ghastly home remedies ever. (If I could give the prize for genuinely terrifying home remedies, Silver Princess wins, hands down!)

Seeing as I got so much feedback & enjoyed your great comments & great ideas (and not so great ideas) I've decided to pick 2 winners, so here you go.

I dragged this fresh looking young man out of bed & forced him to rummage around in a hat while he was eating breakfast, for some reason unknown to him.

"K-a-r-i" & "R-y-a-n"

There ya go! Congratulations! Kari & Ryan! Hope you like your humble little prize (100% homemade & free of alligator urine) Ryan, lemmie know how would be best to get you your prize. And Kari, I'll be seeing you soon hopefully.

Thanks everyone. I've got some spiffy foodie ideas for another giveaway soon so stay tuned!


Ryan said...

And here i thought my day could not possibly get any better!!! I'm so thrilled!! Thanks Al!! And for the skilled fingers that pulled my name.
I love any kind of body and face scrub so I'm pissing my pants with joy!!! I'll send you a personal email complete with big hugs and inappropriate kisses, and with information on how to get the goodie to me!! luv u.

Kari said...

What a lovely surprise! I will go into labour feeling fresh and well moisturized. :)