Thursday, June 04, 2009

Cooking with Jamie: Sticky Saucepan Carrots

.....well not personally cooking with him but I figured since I took the time to pick up the book at the library, pick out & scan recipes to try I better post some as well. I get finicky about posting recipes according to when the fruits or veggies are in season & as you may have heard me rant already, carrots are best in winter -- but hey let's not be too picky.

But (as you may already know) we're going to be moving house soon. And as well as wiping noses & chasing half nekid hoodlems & packing boxes, I'm also trying to come to grips with the fact that I will not have a convection oven in our next house. (breath in...breath out). More on that later.

So since I haven't posted a reasonable recipe (unless you include Lemonade with Maple syrup & Cayanne pepper, eww). I give to you the mighty Naked Chef's Sticky Saucepan Carrots! (somehow I loathe to say that in one streaming sentence and if you can without cringing a little in your soul there's something wrong with you).

Lazy me has scanned the recipe for your viewing pleasure. Die hards will click on the picture. Die-not-so-hards....I'm sure I've lost you already:

Cute little babies B4

Cute little babies after!!

Not bad for a simple recipe. I think it goes great with steak/hamburgers & potatoes.


Kari said...

Scrum! You should scan the recipes more often ;)
Txs for the easy recipe. Happy packing!

ditzydevil said...

i luv your profile picture!

Lil said...

I second that! Love the profile picture, HOT mama!
oh i wasn't a die hard fan so didn't click on picture, cooked carrots for me = eww no matter how naked or sticky jamie oliver is :)

Aich said...

This ones looks like something I might even try. Txs.
BTW, your food photos are really nice. Very delicious looking. They're so good you can almost smell the food.