Thursday, June 25, 2009

Around the block.......

Hey ho my 11 followers, been awhile but I'm still alive & kicking....quite often my left leg when my 1 year old keeps trying to bite me to show me how very much he loves me.

For any of you who didn't know I was moving....I moved! And if you thought I was ignoring you.....I was!! Of course I was also steeped in rooms of boxes, manly men doing manly things like lifting, hurling & otherwise moving 5 unromantic 2 ton trucks worth of the ever ambiguous "STUFF". Not to mention giddy children enjoying the melodious sounds of their grimy feet soiling my freshly waxed naked house & thoroughly echoing it onto the next prefecture. Needless to say the week has been long.

Huge thank you's to everyone who helped us out. Mr. McNair who never ceases to amaze me with his ability to work overtime and survive on a combination of happiness & CC lemon. Oli & Mr. D who took time on their day off to unload boxes with DH, & last of all the terribly efficient Navi who navigated himself swimmingly through the ocean of furniture on our first day here & virtually saved me from being stuck with the 6 hoodlums in a "Tarzan/Jane" situation.

Any of you who have moved recently can testify with me that it takes awhile to recover so as much as I'd like to beat my brain for 2 or 3 really exciting things to tell you. I'm going to have to settle for a few pics from our move.

Moon mental season is upon us & I'm actually sensing either a moment of pure genius or complete stupidity coming on for a non-baked birthday treat for my dear Cancer Husband of love & fantastic truck packing skills.

On with the pictures now, shall we?:
I know this is dumb....but this pic hurts..........BAD!! Baking ware that is packed away yet!

I just knew there was something missing from my pre-teen floor waxing adventures......RED BULL!!

PS. Two words that make me cringe like no other: "CLEANING SUPPLIES!"

An empty house & my Libra children.

Good bye old house (& lawyer boy, who shall not be missed much)

Kids will find anywhere to play. One of 6 rooms in the "war zone".

A moment w/ DH. Bloody Marys & smoked salmon hours de vours.

Ritz/Parmesan/smoked salmon/(cough cough, mayo)/dill & capers.

In the words of Steve Irwin, "Ain't she a beauty, mate?"


Lil said...

smoked salmon and faaavorite on a cracker.

Wow looks like a huge move yet I love how organized the unpacked stuff looks! Looks like a nice big house, I wonder why a gas oven couldn't make it's way in.

Crazy People said...

Time to break out those microwave cake recipies. Or perhapes cheesecakes, the nonbake kind. You could do a french party and serve crepes suzette. You will not be beaten!

Chara said...

oh gad! Give me dat salmon.

Amy said...

I second what cherish said

Babylove said...

Lil: wondered why the owners didn't want it either. I'm gonna wait till I'm desperate b4 getting an electric one

Lisa: Tx 4 the ideas, I shall be no-bake cheesecake crazy.

Chala & Amy: Come & git dat salmon!!

Nina said...

Lovely last pic. You always were capital at making them hors d'oeuvres.

I'm a bit confused as to which r the pix of the new house & which r the old one looking like new, heheh.

Aich said...

You're so cool to find a classy way to end a big day like that. Waoow.