Saturday, February 21, 2009

Japanese Foodie Fails

I really love spotting gems of food "fails". I'm somehow still shocked by the combination of foods they come up with. I don't often snap a pics of them but every once in awhile there's something too ridiculously "Japanese" to pass up. So here are a few I've snapped here & there. Have any good ones, send them to me & I'll be happy to postm'.

Yes, you read it right, it's a "Pita-Mac" with karage, (deep-batter fried chicken) teriyaki sauce, with renkon (lotus root) and lettuce. This was the big Christmas "Surprise item" (Go figure!)

How can one not act like little foolish gaijins with these "ill proportioned" giant karinto!! I'm just not sure I could walk down the street with a clear conscious munching on one of these. Ewwww!

I'm trying to think of something stunning to say, but really......I'm still just snickering like a pre-schooler about these.
Bluefin Tuna Otoro. I squeezed into a curious crowd watching a guy buy this slice of tuna for 45,000Y, it was about the size of the palm of my hand. Only in Japan!
What everyone needs at the end of a long day. Yakisoba donut.
Follow that with a tuna tomato donut & you're all set.


Lil said...

haha, awesome, I LOVE karintos..even the giant ones, and have NO shame munching on them in public..ok maybe a little embarssment...the good thing about them is they're crunchy..if they were chewy or god forbid..soggy...I'd think twice :)

Eman said...

I guess I would taste it.. if I was dared to... plus with my eyes tightly closed ....and with loud music on my headphones.....

and then I might be convinced that judging by the cover is not always best.

God bless. I looooooved the pic of the kids though!! so cute!!!

Kari said...

I saw some chocolate covered prawn snacks at the combini recently. Ewww! I forgot to take a photo though, will have to do so from now on. :)

Elaina said...

"Yucky doo doo!"
said Dylan as he caught a glimpse of the karinto picture.
"No, Dillie, that's a snack!"
I said, and shushed him.
"Yucky doo doo snack!"
he proclaimed with glee.
And proceeded to chant this phrase to himself until he fell asleep.

Thanks Al!

Joan said...

hahahaha, so funny!!

I always liked karintos and never thot they looked a bit wrong until now.

Elaina said...
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Elaina said...

I would totally eat that Pita Mac thing.
I know, I'm a sucker.