Friday, February 06, 2009


Oh my, will you look at that. Lookie there? (pointing invisible cyber-finger to the top right sidebar.) Lookie, you're FOLLOWING me! .........................Sigh!

Now I feel like I must produce something worth following after.

I love the" following" feature for foodie blogs I follow. It would be a great way to avoid having to come back to a certain blog & see the same picture of carrot soup again & again till you can't stand it any longer and hate carrot soup forever (a crime). Instead you can just wait around till said blogger is done figuring out how to get the 2 DVD cases & one car out of the video machine.

You can also follow anonymously if you must (but honestly, let's not be ashamed of wanting to STUFF OUR FACES WITH MUNCHIES GALORE!!! MWAAHAHA!!)

Awwww........I literally want to cook something yummy and totally extravagant for every one of my followers! Sigh!

The End!


crazynik said...

I've been religiously following your blog for eons and now I've added myself to your hordes of fans.
I miss you hun. xxx

Lil said...

I only publicly follow good well written blogs :) and yours is too yummy to pass up. I also like the posts with kids, you make mother hood sound awesome and adventurous.

Aich said...

My account is not letting me do this very cool thing of following your blog!!! Must figure something...

Kari said...

I found some more recipes for you to make:

Florence said...

Oh, oh! I will follow!

象さん said...

Hey! gues what? I follow you anonymously. I like to stay anonymous.
I have no idea why we cant just use "My Favourites", isnt that the same thing?
Munchies, huh?....havent had them for a while. I really like your recipes though, and your tips for Japanese cooking. You're dough has become a basic here, though sometimes I don't need water, maybe the weather? But the ratio of butter to flour is good.