Friday, January 26, 2007

Chala Bing, Otanjobi Omedeto!!

Happy Birthday to a sweet 17 year old. We love you Chala! And we are praying that you have a wonderful year. The kids thought you would come to the gym so they all went but you weren’t there. Oh well! I’m praying for you & know that the Lord will work all things together for good because you love Him. XXX Kisses of love to the best Chala-bing-chala-bang I know! Hope you don’t mind the pictures.

This picture is to prove the theory that Chala seems to attract the “crazy-colorful-&-weird-clothing-that-others-would-look-awful-in-but-they-seem-to-suit-her-quite-nicely” type of clothing. (All of the clothes in the picture below were actual Christmas presents to her. Note: the "gloves" are toe socks", the socks, are orange & have a green pepper on them & actually say, “EAT THE PEPPER” on them, c/o Mark) We rabu rabu you!!


Florence said...

That truly is true about Chala and her clothes. I acquired an odd taste in odd clothing (from God knows where. Actually, I bet it's ELAINA!) but it doesn't suit me very well. Toe socks, shirts with tassels, big huge flaring pants, the whole works. I've received a lot of persecution for it, especially with 5 brothers turning their noses up at it. Steve says I dress like an artist. THAT, I liked, but there were plenty of worse comments.
I guess I should just stick to trying to look clean...or something.

Pon said...

Happy Birthday!!
and yes you don't know me but ur sis does. And the clothes are quite interesting HA!

Elaina said...

We luv ya, Happy B-Day Chala Bing.

--Mark & Elaina

Abner said...

I bumped into this blog quite by accident but the first picture just hit me right between the eyes! The most beautiful smile I've seen in a long time ... I must be honest.
So I must do honors as well to someone with such a wonderful smile and who must be a great person to have her friends pay her such loving tribute. Happy Birthday Chala, whoever you are, wherever you are, have a beautiful 'nother year,

babylove said...

uuuuuoooowww!! Didja hear that Chala? Warms my heart!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooohh.. 17 in 2007 and now 21 in 2011. I'd love to meet this Chala woman now.