Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Banner Time!!

Oh, look at that! My friendly friend Elaina made this nifty banner for me. Thank you, Elaina! If you’re wondering what the holey business is in the back….it’s not poison (Nina) it’s BREAD!! OK? And the ultra cool "Bread-Man" is Elaina's skillful magnet board art. In other news today:

- Travis had a 2 day “vom-bomb” session but is back to eating, with a vengeance
- Uncle Smarky had a birthday & we made a day of it with the kids making pizza from scratch. Uncle Jono would be proud (I’m ashamed to say it was my very first time) And Elaina made the most wondrous coconut cream pie on this side of the planet. Pictures are at hand. Josh had great fun taking them of the kids making their own Pizza.
- Got a late start on the post Christmas break school. New resolutions & visions of grandeur. We’re trying Arithmetic & Language in the morning & S.Studies, Science, Japanese or Vocational studies in the afternoon. We’re packing our day tighter. Using motivational words like “goals, incentive, prizes” etc… Whew, send up a prayer for me.
- I’m gonna try to step out of the kitchen & give Elaina a chance to do dinners, so I can concentrate on the kids afternoon class.
- Dylan’s new name shall be henceforth: Yokozuna Dill

And that is all for tonight.


Gene said...

Hey pretty mama, I'm reading your blog!!!

nina said...

"The whiter the bread, the quicker you're dead." -- Kent Hovind

But the banner is capital, especially Mr. Ultra Bread Man, Elaina!

Sorry to hear about Trav's stomach problem; how's everyone else now?

Will b praying for the kids' readjusting to getting back to school. GBY for making it fun for them; I admire that about u.

babylove said...

Awww, Genius, that's capital. I take that as a high honor that you actually commented. You're sacrifice shall not go unrewarded, I shall think happy thoughts towards you & look kindly upon you for your genius-ness.

theprincesses said...

Will be praying for the school Al.
I bet the pizza was fun... I loooove making it from scratch... nothing quite beats the taste of a homemade crust... unless it ends up 2 inches thick like the first time I made it :P

theprincesses said...

Oh yes, just had to say on the banner and Nina's comment -great banner and as someone I know (whos name shall not be written) would say "It's so white it's pure."

Florence said...

I wish I could've seen Smarky on his birthday. You guys are so close and yet so far in spirit. Get your act together, my goodness.
Uh. Yes.
THESE WORD VERIFICATION THINGS ARE BECOMING A PAIN! I have to type the name of an entire African village in order to make a totally meaningless comment on your blog!

babylove said...

Oh, Flo, for shame! "Far in spirit" fiddlesticks. Hey Flo, do you not see the comment from Genius on my blog? Is it not thrilling, through & through? Flojo, come over for dinner sometime. OK?

nina said...

Kari: Just like white sugar, right? Heheheh.

Ali: I agree w/ Flo on the word verification thing. I thought it was solved b4 when it went down to 5 letter combos, but realized after a bit that it doesn't necessarily stay at 5 letters, & sometimes there's rather a long string to type out which is annoying, since I type about 8 times slower than Flo, or u for that matter!

babylove said...

I'm sorry, I'll take the word verification off & see. If I don't get hit up with spam retard comments we'll leave it that way, OK? SOrry Nina. Just think it's good typing practice.

And for the WHITE bread, if I keep getting suggestive comments about the health benifits of my banner I may have to make it brown. Sigh!

Florence said...

The Genius comment is quite exciting, but it's also a little chilling. A little apocalyptic. And it entirely alters my formerly-firmly-founded thoughts about life and...well...everything.

Give me a moment to lick my lips.
(I don't know why I said that)

Actually yes, I did notice it, but I didn't think it was THE Gene. Just A Gene (any old Gene, if you will).

nina said...

Thank u SO much for giving it a try w/o word verification. If u do "get hit up with spam retard comments," I will never again complain about typing practice here, cross my eyes & hope to die.

Sorry for being so stubborn about the white bread. It's just the principle of the thing that I'm compelled to defend every time someone tries to "knock it". Be that as it may, your banner will not be fed to your children & therefore I hv nothing against it as a banner (& even if u do occasionally feed them white bread, I know you're too swell of a mom to cheat them out of nutrition by making it a regular part of their diet, don't worry), although I do actually think it wld look more homey as whole wheat, one day. But this is from someone who knows nothing about making banners & how painstaking the wrk is, so pls don't feel bad, Ali, or Elaina: u put a lot of love into it & that's what counts. :)