Friday, January 19, 2007

Flo, look what your comment made me do!

As I was making dinner today I was listening to Steve’s new album & rather than getting into the grove of it like I should have been, I found myself (motherly person that I am) previewing, (is that “pre-listening”) to it for Travis. Flojo-Mojo did just pose the question to me, “ Has Trav has heard Steve’s new album yet”. You see, birds of the same zodiac sign….fly in a……. shape resembling a pair of weight scales?? (Hmm…Bygones) OK, what I mean is, I have been giving that topic some thought all afternoon. Is Steve really good for my son? Well, as I type, my deluded son at this moment indeed banging on two pink containers & using two pink plastic ice-cream scoopers as drum sticks & he is carrying on a conversation with me that goes something like this:

Travis: (sings in a soft sweet voice with concerned eyebrows) “Do or dieeeeee, that’s our cryyyyyyyy aiiiiiiii” Mommy, who sings “Do or Die”? Is it Steve?
Mommy: (typing) No, Travster that’s Chesco
Trav: Oh, Chesco, the one that sings BOB?
Mommy: No, he produced BOB, but Abe sang it
Trav: Who’s Abe?
Mommy: You don’t know him he’s Iven’s brother
Trav: Does Iven sing a song?
Mommy: (clickty click, sigh) Maybe Trav
Trav: You know mommy, I did use to be a niddle tiny baby, so tiny I was dis tiny, dat I was not a big man. But now I am big because I wear sweaters nike Steve & play guitar nike Jesse, right?
Mom: (No answer)
Trav: Mommy, Steve’s drummer is Momo, right?
Mommy: SIGH!!! No, Trav, TOMO, not Momo, momo is a peach.
Trav: Mom, dats funny, Tomo is not a peach.
Trav: (Screaming) DO OR DIEEEEEE, THAT’S OUR CRYYYYYYYYYY. You set us FREEEEEEEEEEE. (glasses on top of stereo break)

I try to stay away from using the really low propaganda tactics like: “Steve can sing really well because he eats his ingen” or, “Steve goes to sleep at night so that he can have enough energy to scream”. But I do like the thought that unlike secular stars of the music world, my son gets to meet & hang out with his role models and will quickly see that Steve neither eats his ingen nor does he go to sleep at night, in fact, he probobly only screams because he doesn't go to bed at night.

To wrap this up here’s a wonderful “Etch & Sketch” masterpiece that I drew for Trav. It is obviously, none other than Steve. I personally think it would have made a lovely CD cover for Heavenly Music, Right? Note the attractive goatee & stratigically messy hair? Come on, do you know how hard, it is to draw on one of those things?
Poor Steve, I know he’d cringe if he saw this post. Well, that’s not my fault he’s the one who decided make music that 3 year old Travsters like.


Pon said...

that was sooo cute Your son knows wayy to much but then again my 3 yr old sis is soo into the Elaina song she even sings it! LHM for letting her listen to that too often LOL

crazynik said...

hun you're such a brilliantly funny writer
I miss you!
Mind if I link to you...? Your blog is a must-read!

Florence said...

Channeling Travis's creative energies will be tough, especially when he becomes an introspective teenager. Or a psycho musician. I can totally see him going both ways (or every way, depending on how many ways there are)

babylove said...

Niki, Dozo!
Pon, I'm afraid my kids are beyond help in that department. They watch the AIP inspiration that I took for thier inspiration.
Flo-jo, don't vex me on purpose you mean thing.

nina said...

How long did it take u to etch that sketch?

And how long did it take b4 Trav accidentally erased it by grabbing it in excitement to get a better look at Steve?

babylove said...

You're just blatently mean, Nina! I had it all planned out. I drew it (Didn't take longer than 5 min) and took the picture & let him have it to do what he wanted with it. I actually had to make his hair that messy or I wouldn't have been able to find a starting place for his facial features. hee!

nina said...

Heheh. All I can say is, u r much better at etching sketches than I if u did that in 5 min!

Florence said...

five minutes? i don't believe it. that's some major arienai etch sketch talent.
i have trouble making symmetrical squares and circles.

lil ninars said...

a most excellent post, had me giggling the whole way through.

this blog is a good find


babylove said...

Thank you dear Lil Ninars. Such a complement. It's all real when it comes to Travis. He's the real deal as anyone who knows him can say. hee!! last night he prayed earnestly for "drum sticks, a drum set, headphones & a mike so that I can listen to Steve music" Yikes, I hope Jesus says wait. (like 10 years)

masa said...

Respect Al, that's some mean etch-a-sketching.
All I could do with that was sit there and try to erase the whole thing so I could see what the insides of the machine looked like.

babylove said...

Gee, Mas! You actually view this blog! I'm loving it!! Looking at the etch sketch 'insides' was the first thing I taught Laner to do with it.

ambie said...

Al, I miss you. Thats all I have to say. And I want to give Trav a good healthy hug the Travmonger.
Miss you all. Kiss them all for me.

It hurts us...

Love you

Warthogs Unite said...

Travis is the smartest, toughest, cuddliest, tweetest, machoest, coolest, freakish-est monster I've ever encountered.
And me loves him. Give him a big hug for me puleezu.

Nice blog, BTW. And I'm still looking for that picture of my birthday cake, sorry. It's lost somewhere.