Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blasty-Blast pics of the kids

Oh-boy, I am what one would call a happy camper. My keitai which has been faithfully storing pictures of mediocre quality has finally found a mini-SD card so that it might deliver it’s precious cargo to my computer. Really, I’m stoked!!

I shall begin to "share the love" by posting some pics of the kids over the last 2 months. Dozo tanoshinde kudasai!(Ashley), Ryan (5) & Leilani (9) Christmas Witnessing in ChibaLaner! My my, aren’t we grown up!
This picture alarms me. Ryan is playing a race car game at Tepco. Note the intense look on his flushed little face. He was getting all competitive & sweaty just playing a few minutes of this.

This pic typifies the “special” cousin-relationship that Travis & Shelly have:

Mark: Let’s pray for our walk
Shelly: I’m a pretty pink princess-girl
Travis: No you NOT Shelly, I’m a handsome boy like Steve.
This is the older 3 kids’ mosaic that we made over Christmas school break. They worked very hard & patiently on it. The ‘plastic smiles’ they are sporting reflect their joy at having their pictures taken. Ah, a classic Japanese Christmas Tree (Before extra attention from mommy). I promised someone I would post this decrepid picture. Our very own “kids decorated” tree. Complete with kid-made ornaments. Mark’s description is precise & painful. “Wow, it looks just like the trees at all the Japanese old folks homes I've been to. They take it out of the box with the same decorations still on it from the year before, whack it on the floor a few times stand it up & throw some cotton on it & “VOILA” a Japanese Christmas Tree.

I shouldn’t have been so surprised that a boy who loves to eat as much as Trav would also like to cook. I try to involve him when I can with various jobs in the kitchen. He really lives for it. He's attentive & loves to hear about every detail.
Ryan & Ashley’s friends, Miharu & Leina from the “Hello, Hello” Video experience. (Don’t ask!)

That's it for pics of the offspring. Foodie posts coming soon when I get the time. Finally my foodie pics from my keitai are available. Can't write about food without pics. I'm formulating thoughts about, desserts, breads, muffins & mixed drinks.


nina said...

Fun-fun! I actually quite liked the "plastic smiles" pic.

And maybe cooking is the creative outlet Trav needs (aside from lots of energy-expending exercise)!

Florence said...

Travis's obsession for Steve is amazing. Did he hear his new album? Heh. Is he totally frenzied yet? Or do you keep it away from him as a hazard?
BTW, did the kids ever open their late Christmas package?