Monday, August 03, 2009

At Home with Nature & other nonsence.

Chocolate Mousse Pie: a belated act of love for my DH. Dark bitter chocolate bomb of happiness & indulgence.
The Muncher concurs! (note the glisten of a tear after he begged for just one more bite, I gave in, hence the smile)
This not so little buggie made it's way into our home so we fed him melon & he became Hunter's new pet & he walked around all evening with the container. (though he wouldn't dare touch it).

I was actually not expecting him to burst into tears the way he did when we had to let the poor thing go. Here he's explaining the torture of letting his "buggy" go.

Mr 4#. AKA: The Travster has gotten on a writing kick. He took the liberty of labeling our "Curious George" video cassette. (Yes, some people still use those)

And in case there's any question on who should be the one to record Curious George on Saturday mornings, just a little clarification.

Another puzzling sample of his handywork. Apparently this is a menu of dinner. It (supposedly) reads, "Lettuce/Salad/buscuits/ketchup". Gotta work on that spelling. But anyone who knows Trav will testify that this is a massive step of litterary progress.

We've been spying on a birds nest outside our window. The wary parents seem to fly away no matter how stealthily we try to peek out the window. Of course to get a good shot I get to hang out the window like a lunatic mother doing a flying arabesque to her doom with a camera in one hand & pulling back branches with the other.

I try to warn the kids about peeking in on them too often but the mother in me can't seem to help checking on how things are going. Are birds psychic? Everytime I even get close to the window even if it's closed & the curtains drawn I see the mom's eye looking at me & she flies a second later. Then just this morning....

They hatched! Trav spotted an open mouth. Must be brand spankin' new cuz' they don't even cry aloud yet. I had to hold a broom out the window to pull the branches back & put each kid in positon one at a time to take a look. I'm hating the cornyness but I must admit I'm terribly happy & proud of our little babies.

The other two sibs hatched somewhere between lunch & naptime & don't they just look like a perfect little pile of blind bald & nekid birdies?
Sweet Lil' Baby Jesus! That has to be one of the cutest things EVER!!! And I'm sure my sista Elaina will concur. :) Unfortunately my 3 yr old doesn't think so. She just walked in here, "Eww, that's just so yuck. They're just hugging their naked little bodies till they're stuck together, isn't that just so gross?"

More later. Ciao, my roasty toasty friends!


Leika said...

OH Woah! It's like science on a foodie blog, FUN!! And I AGREE with Erika!!!

Lil said...

so cool! Not every day a whole batch of birdies hatch! I love the writing that only he records on cute!

the bitter chocolate pie looks darn good..looove bitter chocolate - did hunter get all hyper after it? cuz I eat that stuff in lieu of coffee

Babylove said...

Nah, Lil, he seemed to be OK, but his piece was pretty scrawny. I think he may be the most "food" emo out of all the kids.

Vesna said...

Awww,the birdies are too cute. Reminds me of when I used to take care of lil' birds like that,that would fall out of their nests.
Did Erika really say all that? Wow she really is expressive!Gotta get Shan over there so she can get a few lessons.
I'm impressed with Travis' writing and what he came up with writing on that tape,ha.

Lisa said...

I had the same reaction, to your pie. Put the words chocolate and mouse together and I'm there.

I'm a member of 'Daring Kitchen' you should join up. It's fun.

Elaina said...

Little blind naked baby birdies!!!
Must avert my eyes! I can hardly stand the cuteness!!
Ya know, cute is good and all, but uglycute is best...

Great pics, Al.
And I love love love Trav's territorial writing on the Curious George tape...his spelling is really good.
Love how he X-ed out the extra R in curious.

Is that a female kabuto-mushi? We just caught a little mentally challenged kuwagata guy the other day. I'm not joking. There's nothing physically wrong with him, and yet all is definitely not well behind the antlers.

Remember Dad's story about the German Shepherd? Like that!

Kari said...

Love the nekid birdies Al, and the story of you hangin' out the window while photographing them. Next time send one of your snap happy daughters to the yard to capture the site on camera for us :)

Oddly enough DH came home with a large female kabuto-mushi tonight after coming home from your place. One of those stories that should be told only as he can, but Mia is thrilled to have it.

Aich said...

Those baby birds! That pie. Trav's writing. It's all too perfect!

Lisa said...

Wheres the recipe for this one?