Monday, August 17, 2009

Alive & kicking one leg

Hey stranger! In case you thought that I've taken the long walk off the short blogging pier, sadly you're mistaken. This certain actor came to my house to stay.

Along with most of my siblings & parents. (actually all of my parents --that I know of came) And with a whirlwind of positive energy & lots of silly games we managed to have a ballistic time of fun & foolishness. I've learned some handy new skills such as essential lavender oil sniffing & h0w to make whole wheat & rye bread a weapon of mass destruction.

Once I get some time I shall bombard you with unwanted & irrelevant pics of our time together because that is what I must do.

As always a majority of my time was spent in the kitchen doing deeds of kindness like sorting through the trash because I never bothered labeling them & everyone kept mixing them up or keeping the coffee bar open so various persons could get their fix of disserono laced cappuccinos.

Ooooh, I did a lot of firsts actually. Because who better to experament on than members of your immediate family:
- I finally got to pull off my big lebanese dinner (you'd be so proud Ves) falafels, tabuleh, kebabs, hummus, labne & flat bread. I was genuinely loving it.
- crushed mint/lemon/green tea
- non sugar & whole wheat applesauce cake
- Fattoush with my own pita

Being the sheer genius that I am I of course did not take any actual photographic evidence of any of these events but hopefully something will turn up soon from some of the other cameras. And I will also try to post some links to some of my new found & favorite recipes.

But for now I shall bask in the glow of my newly developed beer belly & try to appease my greedy sleep debt which seems to be taking over my last marble of sanity.

-- Ciao!


Vesna said...

I was wondering why your sudden disapearance.I understand now!
I'm so pleased that you went all out with Lebanese food! Really wish I could've seen it and been there to taste it!Yes,I'm extremely proud of you for doing that as I know all to well what kind of work goes into making Arabic food. I mean those Lebanese moms spend most of their lives in the kitchen!
Looking forward to those pics! Love you!

Lil said...

non sugar & whole wheat applesauce cake? How does that happen? What's the sweetener..if there is any?

Babylove said...

vesna: I must be Arabic then, I believe I've spent 1/2 my life in the kitchen too. :)

Lil': Yeah, the no sugar thing is a bit of a problem. I just don't know how anyone would survive. I saw another recipe with concentrated apple juice. I bet that would work great.

Amy said...

YOU MADE OUR STAY THE BESTEST! Fatoush to you! The Lebanese food was fabulous!