Thursday, March 05, 2009

Miss Erika-the-berika

Some one made it painfully obvious that I had forgotten to make a "birthday post" for my Little Miss #5! Come on now, really......that's just awful. (Sigh) How could I do that.

So, these are some pics of my littlest 3 year old girl. I thought of how best to describe her personality but thought I'd better not. Let's just say say she's a January girl in serious control of her world. Everything about her from when she was little was about doing it on her own.

After an active #4, her calm, organized & efficient manner is a life-saver (no really, it's a REAL life saver!!) Getting dressed, doing school, helping with chores, things I usually had to "pull teeth" to teach my other kids she would figure it out & would scarcely consider it work.

To be honest I find it easier to talk to her like an adult than a kid. Of course in spite of the oftentimes controlling & bossy future as a power-monger-CEO-lady there is a "girly girl" who believes she is a princess (though she's gonna probably be the one scooping up her prince onto her steed). And strangely, as assertive as she is she's hopelessly shy and I have to bribe her to interact with strangers. ("I'll only let you pay for the item if you'll say thank you to the clerk after you get the change")

As I write she's reported a water spill by her little brother & told me "it's OK, I'll mop it up", (she did) she's gone through her school books to find one of her favorite ones & asked me to choose which page I want her to do. And launched into a monologue about why if she was Joseph she would've probably gotten thrown into a pit too (I pretty sure she would've actually) I betcha Joseph was a Capricorn.

I really do love this little lady & pray to God she'll grow up to find a man strong enough to handle her. :)

10 days
8 months

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1 & 8 mo.

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2 & 9 mo.
3 years old.


Lil said...

She's so cute, and sounds like such a great kid. It's amazing how different personalities turn out even in the exact same environment as siblings.

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing all that Alisa, she sounds so sweet and interesting and lovable!!! Give her big hug and kiss for me!!!! ILY!