Saturday, June 07, 2008

While we're talking rice....

Lookie what I got?

Thank you dear, 2nd-hand-costco-store. For 500Y This should make rice cooking very interesting and it's only the 2nd cookbook I've bought.....EVER! I'm just realizing how much I've limited myself in the area of rice. (I am ashamed)

This book covers rice dishes from all rice eating nations, and I gauged the authenticity by how the ones from Japan looked.....not that bad. I'm esp. interested in trying, Caujin, Italin, Middle eastern & of course Indian. (& who knows maybe a rice pudding or two)



nina said...

Cool, does it hv sekihan?

Masa said...

I heard "I am ashamed" in a Laner voice. heehee.

Dossy and Bossy said...

Impressive. I own about 5 cookbooks & cannot cook worth
s--t. You always were a good cook! I can't read your blog, however. I need to lose baby weight & it just all looks too good.

babylove said...

Nina: No, sekihan! I'm actually just wanting to try non-japanese rice dishes

Mas: Yes! It was with that very same Laner voice.

Susanna: Thank you, so sweet. How many months is your youngest? Mine's 8 mo. Libra boy!

Mark said...

haha! I saw that book and I forgot to tell you about it. I thought it would be great for you seeing as everyone's fried rice generally stays within the same "safety zone" if you know what I mean. If you come across a new exciting way to fry rice I would love to see it.