Friday, June 13, 2008

Mr. Muncher is 8 Months!

In keeping with the male trend in our little tribe, this little guy took his first step (that I viewed) the day before he turned 8 months.

Dear Travster has been our shining catastrophe when it comes to early development, walking at 8 months and quite passionately running to the park & back before a year. Hunter-bunter might come crashing right into his record. (though not with quite so much gusto, I'm sure) It doesn't seem to me he has the same passion for action that Travster has. We'll see, though it seems to me this guy is too busy being happy & looking "uncomfortable-with-kids" type strangers in the eye whilst raising his manly eyebrows, & sucking his bottom lip in a strange manner.

Sure would be nice if he'd hold off the walking for a month or two though.


Nina said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting that pic! So delightful! And I take back what I said about Hunny looking like Trav; he looks nothing like Trav with his eyes open. He's his own, unique, sweet little man, & I'll be praying he makes things verrry easy for you over the next few mos!

Phoenixkidd said...

Gosh those look so good and your recipe's I should use! How are you? send me an email sometime, I found you through Niki's site, I know I know, I shouldn't be hanging around in here.
Keep it up you look great and have some mad skills.

ambie said...

Oh he's just the cutest thing ever!!!
You and Josh have some darn good genes you brats!

Love and miss you, will write you soon!! xxxx