Saturday, October 24, 2009

Take the Apple......bite the Apple......

A SIMPLE STORY ABOUT AN APPLE Hunter: Mommy...Noook, NOOK! MOOOOMMY! Appos, nots & NOTS of APPOS! Daddy (mumble mumble) APPOS!

Mommy: (delinquently trying to get some me time on the computer, at the end of the day) Really Hunter, cool!

Hunter: NOTS & NOTS!!!

Mommy: Yes, maybe we can have some later....(continued delinquency on the computer)

Hunter: (long suspicious pause of silence)


Hunter: (running over & talking with a stuffed mouthful) num num nummy...

Mommy: (Dashing over to the apples & observing) BAAAAANTANMommy: (grabbing camera & trying to look disapproving) Baaan, what do you have to say for yourself???

Hunter: (obviously not sorry in the slightest bit) Sooorryyyyyyy! (Snicker Snicker)



Ryan said...

hahaha. sooo cute!!! i think "Ban" is somehow quite simply THE BEST nickname for him!!

Anonymous said...

So cute. Don't all kids love to nibble on apples, never the whole thing just a few nibbles. Timna

Vesna said...

Aww, he's got the cutest grin. How can you stay upset with a kid like that.

Nina said...

The little rascal!! Well, gd thing he *didn't* eat the whole unwashed fruit, or he may hv had to learn the "Poison Plum" way.

Great snapshot of him at the end, BTW. ;)