Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Refresh the Page

Sorry, I got tired of seeing those awful looking potatoes. They just look so homely! So here's some pics to brighten your post-typhoon day! All but the "Laner" picture come from an excursion the kids had a few weeks back, nothing like fun w/ friends & sleds. Have a good one.

Laner-bananerrrr!Trv hitting the slopes. The poor "guard-men" gave up trying to stick to the rules of "5 & under go with their moms." "R-U KIDDING?" (There were about 8 kids under 5 & only 3 moms there)
Ryan, doing his hysterical laugh.
Yet more romping around.
A little too much romping around. A post "sled-in-the-face" picture. He got a black-eye. But somehow it seemed to suit him so well.


Junior said...

Poor boy. That looks like so much fun.

Nina said...

Aw, the Travesty! Glad to hear they had a blast tho'; I miss them tons, thanx so much for the pix, Sis.

Florence said...

Oh no, Al, you really did it. Saying a black eye suited Travis, you'll never be able to take that back and you've set the future spinning into dark, dark places. And here the rest of us were all trying so hard to never say it.

Joan said...

ur kids are HUGE now!!

Mark said...

Trav the romper, hes got it going on. Good thing hes not here with Tom to encourage him.

babylove said...

Aww...Flo, you know it's true. He'll always be a travesty, but if I can help it he'll be a friendly one, that can cook great strawberry pancakes & cheese puffs.