Friday, May 23, 2008


So, after making pancakes for 14 years, I finally am pleased with the way I makem'. Some minor adjustments & I believe my pancakes can stand on their own two.....well....feet.

Let's go! The key to my pancakes is, NEVER MEASURE. But I'll estimate & we'll all have a good time. BTW, it was my rest day so I could afford to take my time & snap a few more pics than normal. Itte miyo.......yatte miyo!

You'll need 3 bowls. One LARGE. Divide six yolks from whites (use the two smaller bowls) SEE!
Now if you have a 10 year old daughter who wakes up at 7:00, get her to mix about 1/4 c of sifted sugar into the yolks. Mix it good!

Next, have a toddler in an oversized T-shirt mix 5 cups of milk, a tsp of vanilla and 5 tbsp of oil into the yolks. Let her spill quite a bit on the counter so she can get to clean it up.

Now, for the dry. Sift a lot of flour into the big bowl.......oh, darn, I never measure this part. It was something around 700g. of flour probobly about 6c. ?? Well, start with too little & you can always add more later. Along with the other "drys", 1 tbsp baking powder, 1 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp salt. Look at that! That just makes me so happy-feeling! And it's just waiting for some little hand to smash it down, isn't it? Now, make a well in the center & start adding the egg/milk mixture, mix it little by little.

This part is awful fun. Stick to the middle & the flour will slowly pull away making it thicker & thicker.
So, it should end up looking something like this. And you know it's thick enough if it leaves a "mound" when dropped.
Remember your egg-whites? BEAT THEM!! That's right, till you have hard-peaks.

Fold the whites into the batter, and don't get finiky about the blobs of white, they're good for mixing into the batter towards the end And then it's cooking time!

I know this will be hard for you impatient cooks but -- Keep the heat low & don't put too much batter in the pan thinking you're saving time, or you'll end up w/ burnt on the corners/raw in the middle problem. Don't flip till you see the bubbles. See the bubbles?

Now flip! Ain't that purty.

You get a nice brown rim from the oil on the pan, but of course, we stuck oil on in the batter so, who needs more right? Well, the folks who like it a little crispy around the edges.

Now make conversation w/ your toddler least she get board! And try to go swimming in your gigantic batter-bowl.
And the early birds get the worms. (that came out wrong)
And Voila!! That made about 30 something pancakes! And there ain't no better way to start the day!


Nina said...

Sweet pix! I especially enjoyed the one w/ Burka looking absolutely tickled to be able to sit beside the "swimming pool" of a batter bowl; she must've been having a blast!

I bet u those r gonna b some of the "precious moments" the kidz will look back on: "Remember when we used to get up early in the morning & make pancakes w/ Mom?" And yeh, get Lan into it & pretty soon she'll be making b'fast for u all by herself!

Kari said...

Oh, I love that photo of Erika too! She looks so cute! :-*

Mark said...

Erika is adorable! And those pancakes look so good. Yum!

Jes said...

Alisa, you are so ingenious. Thanks for these pics.

babylove said...

TX Jes, but I think ppl have been making pancakes since the stone age! :)

Kari said...

Today I will try these. I have a great WHOLE WHEAT pancake recipe, but no WW flour at the moment, so here goes! Amelie is very enthusiastic about helping me with this, especially after seeing the end result drizzled with "HONEY!!"