Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

If you don't have dirt......get some! If you can't get some....well....remember the "Sandbox" story?
The real point is BASIL. If you haven't yet go get a tiny basil plant, find a sunny place & put it in some dirt & think happy thoughts towards it as you wait till it's big enough to devour. NYA HA HA!!!

If you never ever plant a thing in your life, do this one thing for yourself, your kitchen & your well-being....... plant a little basil. OKEY?

As for me & my house, we're going to try for cherry tomatoes for the kids, though I don't have enough growing space we'll try to break out the planters & stakes & hope for some cute little baby tomatoes to cool us down this summer.

Don't that just make you feel happy?


Nina said...

Pix of Erika always make me feel happy! Give her kisses from me.

babylove said...

Erika just had an "Nina" moment yesterday. She was looking at pics in an older photo album & I was holding a cake, so she said, "That's Nina's birthday cake, I like Nina" (& launched into a sincere "Happy B'day" for you) You need to come visit soon.

nina said...

Aaag! You're gonna make me cry! I gotta tell Dad to let me know in advance next time he'll be going over -- if I'd known he was planning to, I would've wanted to hitch a ride!