Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh lookie.....A link!

I finally found someone I wanted to have my blog linked to. This blog is meant to be a mass of mangled culinary thoughts mashed together like some fantastic Finnish summer veggie soup. And creative genius doesn't come without a price, and that is that it's about 2 steps shy of raging lunatic. Eh-hum. It's a lonely road

So all that to say, I now have a link. I'm not sure where this guy came from. All I know is, my children think that he once fell into a toilet & I'm pretty sure that he could whip cream/knead dough/mash potatoes & carry a 50 L pot of boiling water & pasta with one arm better than any of you. Respect, YO!!

My fellow foodies, I salute the "Muscle n' Meals" man.....JUNIOR. Check it out. Great photography credit goes to Christian. None of this, "one armed mom snapping blurry pics wildly while giving a spelling test" business.

Jr. seems like he's a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen. There is nothing I admire more than someone who dedicates time & energy to an art that at the end of the day ends up in someones intestines. And....he tackles Thai. So 3 cheers for you. I will frequent.


Junior said...

Oh my God, woman, that was one crazy post. Made me laugh so hard when I first read it, the cringe kind of laugh, lol. Thanks for linking me.

Junior said...

BTW. I just posted a Thai curry recipe that I made tonight if you wanna take a peek hope thats what you were looking for.

babylove said...

Oh, Jr. I re-read what I wrote & realised it could sound like I was talking about you in the first par. gosh, of course I was talking about me. Well, I'll check you out sometime. (The post that is!) cheers!