Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eggnog Night

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a tradition, (That word makes me squirm just a little too much) but it’s something that my kids sure enjoy. Bake a couple of batches of cookies & whip up a batch of eggnog, put them all in their PJ’s & watch a Christmas movie or sing some Christmas songs.

Then, when all the cups are washed & the kids are occupied in goes the rum & out sneak all the sneaky mommy & daddy ‘noggers’. It does mystify me though that something as simple as basic custard with whipped egg whites & cream with some nutmeg could become a favorite. No doubt it was invented by some Puritan over-indulgent-whip-cream-snitching lady who had 18 children & added a little rum to calm her frayed nerves. (Sounds like something I would have invented)

So since I shall be busy hosting an Eggnog Night for the hoards I don’t have time to expound on a recipe per se. And since I don’t even use one I won’t bother. I’ve seen several varieties & people seem pretty protective of their eggnog groove, I won’t make any blanket statements. I’ll just leave you with a few noggin thoughts.

Thought 1#: LESS IS MORE! If you ever want to think kindly of eggnog, please don’t drink more than 2 cup fulls. Unless you are like a certain Gene-ious with good hi-Gene, who shall remain anonymous --- and who easily downed 8-9 cup fulls and nearly jumped into the punch bowl to lick the remains. JUST DON’T!

Thought 2#: COOKIES, ANYONE! If you don’t have time, make some dough in advance & freeze it, (roll it into a cylander & wrap it with wax paper) that way you can slice it up & bake a batch for your nogg nite. I would recommend a simple spice filled cookie, or gingersnaps.

Thought 3#: BLEND BABY! That is to say, give the flavors a chance to blend, make it the night before & let it sit in your fridge with a huge menacing sign to ward off midnight snack hunters. But beware of adding egg whites too far in advance.

And with that I shall put in a personal plug. If ever you happen to find a nutmeg tree, please be so kind as to cut down a few pods for me. To heck with that, saw down the tree & drag it my way & I’ll be eternally grateful. Thank you, and good night!


Florence said...

That punch bowl looks like the best present anyone could ever possibly give you, Al.
I like it. It's clahassay!!

babylove said...

Hey, Flo-jo, so sorry not to have ever called you the other morning. And that punch bowl was a "Costco 2nd hand Store" special for 1,000Y.

Florence said...

You call it the "Costco second hand store" too? We call it the "second hand Costco store" which is a bit of a mix, but similar. Everyone thinks it's some great huge store that has all Costco items and that we are so lucky to live near it.
Damn, I guess that's the sort of stuff you get when you go on Mondays.

Anonymous said...

HAHA good times! I remember that night ...just watching the genious down all that made me want to throw up.
So weird but tonight I was saying I wanted to make eggnog but didn't know how and that last last year I had the best stuff I ever tasted and wondered if you had posted something bout it. You did and I thank you :D

Love and kissesxxxx