Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kamite Sister's Latin Dance Party

Here are some pics of the event we attended the other evening.  The Kamite Sisters organized this "dance party" for all their dance students to perform what they've learned.  You can imagine the kids went bezerk with excitement.  We added 2 princesses to our 6 (not so princessy offspring) & ended up with a van load of 8 excited kids taking turns singing their school anthems at the top of their lungs, starving for snackies & desperate to know the real question we all want to know in life "ARE WE THERE YEEEEEET?"

 So yeah, we got there, & here's a few pics of how it went (stole some pics off of the Dancing Sister's blog, tx):
Hanging out in the dressing room, talking about important childhood issues no doubt.
Getting beautified!
Everyone including a super-dandy-coordinated-husband-of-friendliness-&-love learning some samba moves from the teachers. 
A terribly excited Hunter watching everyone dance
Ryan & Nattie
Laner & Keith
Drinking ungodly amounts of juice for which they paid for dearly by doing the famous "I-gotta-go-pee-dance" & I practiced my old faithful dance better known as "how-many-kids-can-you-ferry-to-the-bathroom-in-an-hour". 
Kids & their dance teachers.  Some suspiciously tired looking smiles there.  All in all it was a great memorable evening.  And just for future reference if all 8 kids ask you if you if they can take off their shoes & socks in the van after a long sweaty day of dancing around......JUST SAY NO!


象さん said...

No Im not addicted to the pc yet-I mailed you (and Im preggo).
This looks heaps of fun for the kids. Your girls look stunning, Alisa. Mind, there is no way Id let my hsband even practice with those women! Any practicing, and it has to be done with me, huh. Let's get together soon!

Kari said...

Loving the photos! In the last photo you put up Hunter is fantastic with that caricature t-shirt on -too good! I'm glad to see Mia got her mug in there, although T is nowhere to be seen.

Your write up is a scream. :)

Thanks ever so much for taking the 2 princesses with youes, thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...
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Nina said...

Late commenter, I know, but these r fun pix! (Don't ask how that excuses my commenting late.)

Your super-dandy-coordinated-husband-of-friendliness-&-love coerced into doing the samba & Trav watching in the BG: priceless.
The pic of Hunny applauding is the best: clapping so enthusiastically his arms are a blur!
Lani's form nearly blew me away; made me think of a ballerina!
And I think all the expressions on my nephews' faces in the last one r hilarious!