Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mad for Breakfast

If I were to open a restraunt or cafe it would be a breakfast joint. My DH doesn't seem to think that making an "all day breakfast" restaurant would really fly. Esp here in Japan.

This here is a breakfast that I made in a whirlwind. I don't often wake up with the urge to make something "big" but this day was different. I ran down to the kitchen & made a pretty classic whirlwind mess in the kitchen. Best breakfast creations for me have been made at breakneck speed.

The buscuits were "wing-ed" or "wung"?? I used shortening & a little butter & loved the flaky but buttery texture. Added tbsp of poppy seeds & roughly chopped cranberries.

Ohh....also, wanna ask you what are your thoughts on "apples n'onions"? If you've read the "Little House on the Prairie" books you couldn't help but be affected by the Pioneer Midwestern cooking style. I know I have, things like cornmeal, bacon & maple syrup just make me happy in my soul.

Well, the apples n'onions are just simply sauted in a cast iron skillet with butter on a low heat till they're caramelizing. Added some chopped pecans & salt/pepper. It has the sweet & savory hint of a reminder of stuffing.

Hoping to make tonjiru before the weather is too warm for it. See you at my place, bring a bowl.


Lil said...

yummm I think all day breakfast would be awesome in japan around the bars and pubs :) Nothing like getting up at midday to eat a huge hearty breakfast, I like breakfasty foods in the evening most. Little house and the prarie goodies do sound so good when she describes them, specially the maple syruppy things. dunno if I'd like apple/onion though.

Lisa said...

I've always wanted to open an all day breakfast joint. Apparently they have them in the states. I like Breakfast at night best. Or around 11 specially when you've had a big night and your starving.

Florence said...

I'm a huge lover of breakfast as well. It's about the only meal I'll bother to put any thought and ingredients into on my rest day.

Nina said...

I thought that *was* stuffing! Apples 'n' onions, eh? With bacon & cornmeal muffins how cld it not make me happy in my soul?

How about a "Bed & Breakfast" hotel?
Of course if u opened it in Japan, you'd hv to name it "Bed & BreakFIRST," haha.