Tuesday, January 13, 2009

December Pictures

To be honest I'm stooping to just throwing up a bunch of pics since I'm just a little too brain-dead to post anything reasonable. But these are always good for a laugh & the Aunties & Uncles will love me. Except for Mas maybe! Catch you later, and send any good recipes my way!

Our family's little Christmas dinner. Under 3 hrs cooking!!

Hungry Bansome!

Uncle Mas open's the goods, Sushi food toys!
Ashley serving up the fake food for all the already stuffed Aunties & Uncles
Auntie Screaming Amy & 5/6ths of the tribe of younglings.

That's a happy little man.
Check out the excited toes.

Euphoric moments involving bubbles.

Little man, easy to please! He held to the ball for dear life all Christmas morning.

Big Dinner with the big gang.

Two people Flo-jo will be hugging soon.


Florence said...

I want some.

Dossy and Bossy said...

AWWW...so cute. Looks like a good haul was had by all at Christmas. Crazy to see pics of your family...I think I saw your Dad in the background of one of them, and maybe the back of Nina's head? And Amy looks JUST like your Mom...I thought it was her. Time flies, brother.

Nina said...

I wish it was the back of my head, 'cuz that wld mean I was there feasting w/ everyone! As it was, I had asthma that whole day & only managed to "rise, take up my bed & walk" after dinner was over (but my dear sis saved me a plate which I ate just as soon as I cld :) & I did get to be there for most of the present-opening, heheh.

You're right about Amy, BTW; she looks the most like Mom out of all of us!