Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Donuts of My Life & The Little Hole that Needed Two Staples!

Ashley says things just “keep happening” here these days. Thank God, most of them have been donuts & even the hole was a fairly small one.

Let’s start with the donuts of the week, shall we?:

Josh & I got to go take a peek at Uncle STEM’s new MV production down at the dock with some Fast & Furious cars. Here’s Hunter REALLY drolling over one! It was jolly fun to see friendly faces & shiny cars doing fun things. This donut was one of those really fat puffy donuts with artificial colored “happy” sprinkles.
The next donut was one for Travis, Ryan & Ashley. They got to model kimono’s & tux’s/gowns for “Shichi-go-san” day. There were some great pictures taken that I shall get ahold of soon. Till then Aich & Ambie can snicker at Dear Husband’s pics. Awww…but don’t they look cute! This donut I believe was one of those sort of twisty ones with a honey glaze.

There was a fancy dancy donut also where mommy spent all day preparing the donut & gathering ingredients for the donut whilst giving the kids school & mopping up Hunter-bunter’s drool trail. She put much love & effort into making a list of gourmet donuts for her dad to choose from so that he might have a nice Birthday dinner, and he did indeed choose the most difficult to make donut. The one that was stuffed with butter & chives, rolled, battered & deep fried. (I must clarify to you that I am talking about a metaphorical donut, in reality the meal I prepared for my dad was “Chicken Kiev”). In the end the only people who enjoyed the metaphorical donut was my Dad & the rest of the adults. The children do what they normally do to donuts, woof them down & ask for seconds, except they couldn’t ask for seconds because of my devious plan to heap their plates to overflowing & then give them extra soup & focaccia on top of it. Nya ha!!! (was that one sentence?)

But I’m forgetting the point. And that is that there was a hole. A rather small hole I admit but it did get us to be concerned & focus on the donut of our life. This hole took place when by the account of Travis, (who is both a bold & brave 4 year old) he decided to walk the cement wall in the middle of “Mark’s Discovery” Park with his eyes shut. He fell & it his temple & the back of his head, & though we got the bleeding to stop & initially it looked like with some pressure & keeping it wrapped up it might be OK, after about 1 hour (I imagine as the skin began to stretch & dry, we did indeed discover that he did have a small hole in his big head. After some prayer & thought (AKA. Squimish-to-holes-in-the-head husband taking a look) decided that we didn’t want to “keep our eye upon that hole” & promptly took him to the Doctor to get two staples in the head! Travster thankfully was happy about the whole affair. And even had to be repeatedly reminded of why he was going to the doctor because he just seemed a little too thrilled. From the lovely nurses washing his hair (don’t ask me why), to the nice English speaking doctors question of “Is it OK if it hurts?” he enjoyed his first major doctor’s visit. Daddy was with him & they prayed & as simple as that it was done.

Well, all’s well now. And we are milking it for all it’s worth. Our older ones have had a much needed sober moment. Our adventurous little man has something that we can remind him of if he’s feeling to adventuresome. And we parents through trying to forget all about that hole, have remembered all the many donuts the Lord has given us in our lives. And we are convicted that if we are faithful to praying over & for our 6 little donuts that we will not need to have any more holes.


The Princesses said...

Glad to hear it only needed two staples!
I can see Chia doing something like that one day...

Florence said...

aaaaaaaallll you are nice to hear and read about now and then.
let me smoosh you with my mind.
see you soon yes? (the correct answer is yes) Yes?

Nina said...

"The boy must grow to be a warrior!" And he certainly sounds like he's shaping up to be; being thrilled w/ his first major doctor's visit & getting his head stapled! Actually, knowing Trav, it's amazing he made it to 4 y.o. w/o ever having to get stitches/staples, thank God.

The closed eyes stunt reminded me of the time I took the girls on G.O. at Nacho, & as we started out, Ash smacked right into one of our neighbors' walls, having been walking w/ her eyes closed as we prayed!