Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wakey Wakey!!!

Howdy there!

I woke up one chilly autumn morning & decided that when you’re a busy mom with 6 nut-nuts the 2nd best thing to do besides take a shower is….....resurrect your dead blog. Maybe it was the prospect of Christmas dinner approaching, or an acquaintance who asked “whatever happened to your food blog?” or maybe it was looking at my foodie pics folder that got me thinking about blogging.

This will purely be a “foodie blog.” I hope any lonely cooks will find this a gentle haven with Godly recipes and alarming proposals to wake the dead at your table. I cook breakfast, lunch & dinner for a table of 11, with a spatula in one hand, a baby in the sling & a 5th, 3rd & 2nd grader at the counter. Sigh! Needless to say, posts may be few & far between.

And now since I have no failed experiments to rant about…here are some foodie pics for your pleasure.

"Little Green Fairy" muffins. (Yes, the frosting had Absinthe in it)
Caraway Bread

Chocolate cake for my Dad's B'day with Sour-cream frosting Apple Pie!


Gabe said...

She's back!!!!!!! So I can look at your cool food photos...

kenfrog said...

Those green muffins look positively toxic.